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1.In “Dougbert Shaklenton’s Rules for Antarctic Tailgating,” there is one neatly interwoven subplot, that being the end of a marriage by the wife leaving him for “a millionaire motel-owning douchebag fan of Team Whale.” What does the use of a framing device of a guidebook that is also lightly a judgement of the ex-wife accomplish?
2. In “The Barn at the End of Our Term” many questions are left unanswered, such as why there are so many gaps in president horses. Why it is or isn’t important that we don’t know the answers to these questions.
3. How would the story change if another former president were the protagonist?
4. While reading the aforementioned story, I noticed a shift from each italicized subheading being followed by a definition up to “the barn” to subheadings that are more akin to chapter titles. Did you also notice this shift?

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